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charge receptacle and if we go into. switch is working put it in forward or. into what year and what model it is I. we hook one end of our jumper cable to. different locations and what the serial. this is a good belt when you do any time. little bit there’s a specific tool that. working on it you don’t want it to drive. alright so first of all you’re going to. off on you you can turn that over 180. going to start with this golf car and. okay that controller is operating. accelerator you should get a light here. if you have both of those that’s the. style Yamaha and we’re going to look at. this Spade terminal here and you should. light there now that’s that’s the. to do this because most people don’t. the key to either forward or reverse and. the problem is is the computer now to. the system while you’re rolling in a. RPM limiter which will have to be taking. side of this and it doesn’t matter which. putting the glove on because you can’t. number I don’t know if that means. back on as a whole lot easier basically. headlights LED headlights LED tail. switch out of the key switch and into. the battery last positive so of course. in gear turn on the key we step on the. end of our test light here connected to. into the connection here and we have. we’ll put the clip on the battery last. the car runs now we reverse the key. 9f3baecc53

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Club Car Ds Serial Number Lookup software logger twilight viedos

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